Your Questions Answered

  If you have any questions about your wedding, protocol regarding hens and bachelor’s parties, or music to play at the reception, complete the on-line form. Questions are answered each month   and posted to WeddingNet.   Q. I am chief bridesmaid for my best friend’s wedding and am organising a ‘tressour’ party.  Firstly, I … [Read more…]

Popping the Question

Definition: To propose; to put forward,(a matter, subject, case, etc ), for consideration, acceptance, or action. To ask someone you love for their hand in marriage so as to spend the rest of your lives together. A stressful and agonising moment in a young man’s life when he believes he is going to become the … [Read more…]

Booking a Photographer

Your wedding day is too important to miss a moment. That’s why we hire a photographer to capture the essence of the day. Sadly many brides and grooms are disappointed with the results. To make sure you get the results you want we have prepared a few simple tips. WeddingNet features a comprehensive list of … [Read more…]