5 Eco-Friendly Wedding Decoration Ideas


Decorating for a wedding can be quite costly and sometimes even wasteful. If you are someone who cares about the environment and wants to get the most bang for your buck, consider creating eco-friendly wedding decorations to use at your wedding. There are many options when it comes to green wedding decor and many can be created very affordably. The following guide walks you through a few great eco-friendly wedding decoration ideas you may want to use for your wedding.

Create Tables Numbers with Succulents

A great way to create wedding table decorations that are green is to use succulents to create the table numbers that you will use for your wedding reception. There are containers available at just about any craft store that are shaped like different numbers. You can fill the containers with a little bit of dirt and then add succulents throughout the container. When the wedding is over, your guests can take the numbers home with them and plant the succulents wherever they want.

Use Fish as Wedding Table Decorations

You can put betta or goldfish into small fish bowls in the centre of the tables at the wedding reception to make beautiful centrepieces. You could add candles around the bowls to add some ambience and beautifully coloured crystals in the bottom of the bowls to allow the centrepieces to tie into the colour scheme you chose for your decorations. When the evening is over, the children can take a fish as a thank you gift for coming to your wedding.

Create Tulle Balloons to Display Around the Venue

Creating depth and texture is essential when you are decorating a venue for a wedding reception. Rent a helium tank to use to fill the balloons that you want to use when decorating. You can then fill as many or as few of the biodegradable balloons that you need quickly and easily. Once the balloons are full, place pieces of tulle over the balloons and secure the tulle in place with a wooden ribbon. You can then display the balloons wherever you want to create visual interest throughout the room. Many brides choose to tape a bunch of the covered balloons to one area of the wall so that they can be used as a backdrop for a picture booth.

Scatter Eco-Friendly Confetti on the Tables

Wedding table decoration ideas do not have to be overly elaborate to create a great visual impact at your reception. You can scatter eco-friendly confetti over the tables to break up space and make everything look more whimsical. There are confetti options available that are made from recycled materials so that the wedding can be as green as possible.

Use Potted Plants as Aisle Decorations

Many people choose to have bouquets at the ends of the aisles as decoration during their wedding. Instead of using bouquets, consider using potted plants placed in small metal buckets. They can still be hung on the ends of the aisles, but the plants can be planted into the ground so that they do not have to die simply for aesthetic reasons.

When you are choosing decorations that you want to use for your wedding it’s best to take the time to choose affordable options that can be used again and again if possible. Many people do not want to use fake flowers at their wedding because they feel that it creates a tacky vibe but using plants that can be replanted and items that are made from recycled materials allows you to get the visual look that you want, while still ensuring that nothing has to be harmed in the decorating process for your wedding.

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