Beauty tips for the bride

Every bride wants to look her beautiful best on her wedding day. Unfortunately, gettingto this stage requires much preparation and perspiration – it simply doesn’t happen overnight! The easiest way to look your best is to plan your beauty routine early and to stick to it – especially if you are wanting to lose those few extra kilos or make your skin glow as it has never glowed before. The following tips will give you some ideas on looking great for your big day.

Exercise will improve your general fitness, tone your body and give you the stamina you need to get through your wedding day. If you are not already exercising regularly, you should start a fitness program at least eight to twelve weeks before your wedding. Your fitness program should fit in with your lifestyle. It is also best to choose a form of exercise you enjoy and look forward to, rather than one that seems like a chore. One of the best ways to stay motivated is to enlist the help of a buddy. Why not ask your head bridesmaid, your mother or even your mother-in-law to exercise with you? Any aerobic activity such as walking, jogging, cycling or swimming will be sure to get you in great shape. Naturally, if you have any medical problems it is always best to consult your doctor before setting up an exercise program.

Facials and beauty treatments
For a truly radiant wedding-day look, you might like to start a series of facials or other beauty treatments. A beauty therapist will be able to advise you on the best course of treatment for you. Many brides like to have a facial once a month in the six months leading up to their wedding. However, it is not a good idea to have a facial in the few days leading up to your wedding. This is because many women find that facials tend to bring impurities to the surface and may cause their skin to break out a little.
Remember that your hands will be a much photographed part of you on your wedding day. If your nails are not all they could be, you might also like to consider a series of manicures. Most brides choose a clear polish or french polish for their wedding day for that healthy, natural look that suits any dress and never goes out of style. It is best to have your nails done the day before the wedding, as this will avoid any last minute hassles or spillage onto your dress.
Need some more pampering? Why not treat yourself to a pedicure as well? With such polishing and attention to detail, you are sure to feel confident as you walk down the aisle.

Apart from any facials you may have, it is also important to set up a regular beauty routine that you can follow before and after your wedding. Cleansing, toning and moisturising and the occasional exfoliation treatment is the key to keeping your skin in tip top condition. Talk to your beauty therapist about the right products for you.

You should decide on the particular hairstyle you want as early as possible. Before you see your hairdresser, collect any photos of styles you like, keeping in consideration the length of your hair. Also, keep in mind that some styles will not be possible if you will be wearing a headpiece, veil or hat. Your hairdresser will find it much easier to discuss styles with you if you take these accessories with you on your visits.

To keep your hair looking great all the way up to your wedding day, regular trims and deep conditioning treatments should do the trick. Your hairdresser will be able to recommend some good products that will suit your hair and lifestyle. Don’t try any new cuts, perms or colours in the two weeks before your big day.

Choosing the perfect perfume for your wedding day is great fun and there are such a wonderful array of lovely scents to select from.
Floral perfumes are a great favourite with brides who love an innocent and romantic feel. A perfume with top notes of rose would be perfect for the bride with a bouquet of roses.
For that little extra extravagance, you might like to layer your scent. By using a shower gel, moisturiser, body powder and eau de toilette in your favourite scent, you can be sure you will smell divine all day long.

Even if you normally wear little or no makeup, you should make sure to wear some on your wedding day. If you do not, you may end up looking ‘washed out’ in your photographs.

The best way to get your makeup just right is to use the services of a professional make up artist. These experts will know exactly what products and makeup style will suit you and your wedding, and what will look best in your photographs. If you are unsure what sort of ‘look’ you want to achieve, remember that the natural look is always the best. Soft colours that harmonise with your skin tone and your dress will give you a magical glow all day long.

To keep yourself looking your best on the day itself, giving your head bridesmaid a small bag to carry with your essentials is a good idea. Pack a powder compact, blush, lipstick, perfume, an extra pair of pantyhose, a nail repair kit and any other items you might need.

And the best beauty tip of all for your wedding day? Make sure you wear waterproof mascara!

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