Booking a Photographer

Your wedding day is too important to miss a moment. That’s why we hire a photographer to capture the essence of the day. Sadly many brides and grooms are disappointed with the results. To make sure you get the results you want we have prepared a few simple tips.

1 of 4 Female photographer from Phoenix, Arizona, rehearses taking a critical wedding photo using her assistant here as a model, in later light on Morro Strand State Beach, Morro Bay, CA. 01 Nov. 2008. Michael "Mike" L. Baird, Canon 1D Mark III, 70-200mm f/2.8 IS handheld.

WeddingNet features a comprehensive list of photographers in your area. Start making calls to photographers 12 months prior to your wedding to ensure you get the right person for your wedding.

When you meet the photographer ask about his or her style. Does he or she prefer candid shots, poses or both? Choose the style that suits you, ask to see a proof book with all the photos from one wedding rather then just the best shots.

Just because the photographer has been shooting weddings for the last 20 years don’t expect them to read your mind – if you want a close up of the of you and your partner at a particular time let the photographer know before the wedding. Also ask how many photos you will get in a particular package. Get this kind of information in writing.

Photographers are only human and due to illness may be unable to attend on your day. When booking your photographer ask for information on who will take their place, then ask to meet them, and see some of their work.

The price of photography varies widely. It is common practice for photographer to retain copyright and ownership of the negatives. Any copies must be purchased through your photographer. Other photographers offer packages where you keep the negatives. When considering the price these factors should be taken into account. The law states the copyright remains the property of the photographer unless you have it in writing otherwise.


Here are some hints and tips on photography at your wedding…Wedding_photographer_at_work-300x182

  • Uncle George may not be the best bet for a photographer (unless of course he is a professional!)
  • Take the time to plan your photography. This is a once only event.
  • Ask your photographer for a good location. Something that looks great for you may not be suitable for photography – the light and time of day are important
  • Photographers are not allowed in some churches and registry offices – ensure you confirm first.
  • To save money on reception photos, place a disposable camera on every table. At the end of the evening have the Best Man collect the cameras for developing. You will catch many fun snapshots this way.

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