5 Crafty & Eco-Friendly Wedding Favour Ideas

Eco-friendly wedding favours are a great way to show your guests your appreciation, while giving them something that can be useful, rather than wasteful. From soaps, to plants and candles, your guests can have great gifts that they will actually use after your wedding.

Here are some great eco-friendly wedding favour ideas that your guests will love and you can feel good about giving.

Organic Soy Candle

Most of your guests would love to take home something that will make their home smell lovely and remind them of your wedding. While some candles may contain chemicals, an organic, herbal candle is one that you can feel good about burning. You can even offer a few scents so your guests can choose their favourite to bring home.

Hand Painted Ceramics

Personalise your wedding favours by giving each of your guests a hand painted ceramic. This is a great way to add your own style to a favour and give your guests something special to take home.

You can even have craft workshops so that your close friends and family can help create them! This way you will be giving your guests a personalised gift and having fun with your loved ones while creating them.

If making hundreds of ceramics is not quite your thing, use these as wedding party favours ideas and make only a few special pieces for your wedding party.

Eco-Friendly Soaps

Give your guests something that surely will not go to waste by giving eco-friendly soaps as a wedding favour. Soaps come in various shapes and colours. So, you can easily choose some that will go well with your wedding theme and look festive on the tables. Everyone will love taking home something that they can use. Plus, your guests will be reminded of your special day as they smell the delicious scent of their soap each day.

Home Grown Succulent

If you are looking for sustainable wedding favours, plants are the perfect gift. Homegrown succulents will not only be something great for your guests to take home, but they will also be great decor for the tables on your wedding day.

Succulents are also very easy to care for, so your friends and family should have no problem maintaining them at home. Your guests can enjoy having fresh plants in their home as a little reminder of your special day with these nature-themed wedding favours.


Give your guests something delicious to take home or even enjoy the evening of your wedding! Eco-edibles can be a great way to show your guests you care without giving them something that will go to waste. Plus, they are perfect for snacking on while waiting for dinner.

Great wedding favour ideas can often be difficult to come by. When you get married, you want to give your guests a token of your appreciation, but you want it to be something that will not go to waste. These 5 ideas above are just examples of crafty and eco-friendly wedding favours you can be inspired from. You can check out more inspiring ideas here.

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