6 Eco-friendly and Unique Wedding Gifts for Green-at-Heart Couples

Today’s brides and grooms are adventurous and dedicated to showing their true colours. They throw weddings that bear no resemblance to traditional rituals and creative receptions that reflect their unique personalities. A growing number of couples have no hesitancy to wear their passion for the environment on their sleeves and on their gift registries, thus asking guests to limit their shopping to eco-friendly wedding gifts is becoming more common.

As a guest, you’re in a quandary. Unique wedding gift ideas are hard to sort out, but you would be surprised by the number of manufacturers and shopkeepers who treasure the environment and feel equally responsible for the planet’s welfare. Keep this in mind as you check out the following unique wedding gifts for couples, one of which is perfect for the caring couple in your life.

Never out of choice with herb garden planters

You don’t have to be a fan of Kermit the Frog to know that if you look hard enough, eco-friendly wedding gifts are everywhere you turn. Based on the engaged couple’s housing situation, you’ve got a vast array of tree choices for yards or pots. Wisteria trees stand for romance. Palm trees are Mother Nature’s peace symbols and birch trees represent new beginnings. One of the trees in this article may suit your fancy and delight the couple:

Give the couple a respite

Couples caught up in our fast-paced world of careers and active social lives often have little time to “smell the roses” and unwind. That’s why a couple’s retreat that gives the pair a respite from the world in an environment that reminds them of Earth’s precious treasures belongs on our unique personalized wedding gifts lists. Here, travel editors at “The Telegraph” have done all of the hard work for you so consider their picks.

Donate to the couple’s favourite charity

There is no shortage of nature-related nonprofits throughout the U.K. As you search for unique wedding gifts for couples, find which one(s) have earned the couple’s loyalties and donations and then contribute to that cause. Can’t sleuth out this information no matter how hard you try? Here are 12 great options. Send a contribution in the name of the engaged couple, and while you’re at it, add a donation of your own.

Kiss the cooks with a delicious wedding gift

After a hectic day, who wants to cook? Give an equal-opportunity gift that can turn the newlyweds in your life into creative cooks by bestowing upon them a course in cookery. Vegans and vegetarians especially covet classes that help them churn out creative meals. Need a present to bring to the wedding party? Matching aprons make terrific, unique, personalized wedding gifts that show how clever you are.

Try a wooden gift with some personal touch

Customized gifts opened the doors to a wide array of options. Even the simplest gift can be turned into a personalized masterpiece. Out of a wide variety of choices, giving a personalised gift with a name of receiver engraving onto the gift still makes a great unique gift, and will never go out of style. A piece of eco-friendly wooden gift with some personal touch engraving onto the wood makes the perfect and green gift. However, only purchase such products from manufacturers who treasure the environment and implement non-toxic and green policy.

Dog day afternoon for art lovers

Engaged couples who think as highly of their dog as they do of other family members (but are discreet about it) would love you forever if your wedding gift choice proved to be a hand-carved guard dog sold by one of U.K.’s favourite fair trade furniture emporiums, Myakka. What’s great about this gift? It’s a limited edition and no walking, feeding or grooming is required. As one of the most unique eco-friendly wedding gift ideas on this list, we feel confident that this sculpture won’t be duplicated!

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