6 Unique and Fun Eco Hen Night Party Ideas in Brisbane

Weddings are often characterised by after-party clubbing and holiday getaways to a compelling destination. Besides all the colourful cakes and miles of white ribbon, hens/stag parties have become a commonplace among bridesmaids. However fun they are, stag parties not only mean high spending but also raise environmental concerns. To better take care of the environment, here are unique hens night ideas with an eco-friendly approach.

Choosing Eco-Friendly Venue 

Ensuring a low carbon emission during a stag bush, go for a local restaurant in Brisbane that prepares organic food items and drinks. Alternatively, you can opt to have a DIY approach and plan for the party at your home. However, if you deem it fit to bypass the daunting mandate of pre-wedding preparations, embarking on a weekend getaway can alleviate most of the stress before your big day. Choose a venue that’s hidden in the beautiful countryside with a menu full of foods from their organic garden.

Make Greenery Gifts for Your Peep

With gifts, there are endless choices you can make when planning for a hen party. But can you incorporate a tinge of eco-friendliness to the gifts? It’s quite simple. In the real world, fun hen party ideas often revolve around risqué trinkets and disposable items that you barely plan top reuse; not unless you have several allies getting married in succession. Reduce the impact of such goods on the environment by designing flippant gift items. Alternatively, you can distribute garden seeds to your visitors and push them to think “green” when purchasing bridal gifts. 

Plan for the Entertainment

Brisbane is home to Australia’s party destination, Fortitude Valley. When night falls, the Valley turns into a frenzy of fun activities characterised by music sounds and party revelers who dance the night away. Visiting one of the clubs and eco-friendly pubs in the region provides one of the effective practical hens night party ideas. Alternatively, if you opt for a private event, PeachE can help you get the best, most-reputable freelance dancers like skilful male strippers in Brisbane to grace the party.

Organise Transportation for the Night

Planning for a hen party calls for a high rate of mobility. Exercising an eco-friendly approach to the transportation will go a long way in conserving the environment. If you need to get to different places around Brisbane, encourage your friends to utilise public transport instead of private means. Additionally, when going on a weekend getaway, taking the train helps in keeping carbon levels on the low.

Utilising local suppliers instead of far-off event organisers is also effective in minimising carbon emission. Local suppliers need not travel that far to make deliveries. The closer you are to the vendor, the less carbon dioxide they emit in transporting furniture, flowers and other decorations.

Hire Greenery or Long-Lasting Flowers

Hiring greenery when planning your hens’ party in Brisbane is an effective means of decorating the space and adding colour contrast. It is not only pocket-friendly but also friendly to the environment. However, some people relish having colourful fresh flowers, and if you belong to this pool, ask your florist to find in-season, indigenous blooms. Afterward, you may recycle them by offering them gifts to charities.

Hire Instead of Buying

A great way to have a memorable party and not having everything cluttered around afterward is to hire your supplies rather than making purchases. That way, your event can feature the latest decorative elements while alleviating the need to find extra storage space to keep them. Besides, you’ll be taking care of the environment. Examples of some items you can hire include cushions, furniture, rugs and table decors. Also, some items only allow for single-use only, thus, where possible use these materials in their reusable and biodegradable form.

The planet is on the brink of destruction with the ever-increasing levels of carbon emissions. But that does not mean that your stag party should follow in the same direction. There are many eco-friendly ideas you can put into practical shape and enjoy an exciting party without harming the surrounding.

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