Five Wedding Gifts that won’t be returned

Wedding season is here again. Among the pile of wedding invitations on your counter you might notice suggestions on where you can find lists of gifts to buy. Avoid buying a forgettable gift such as bath towels or a toaster and give a wedding present that the bride and groom will remember.
Cold Hard Cash
Everyone likes cash. Newlyweds heading out on a fancy honeymoon or settling down together especially love cash. Give them the gift that allows them to choose what they really want but didn’t want to ask for. Use an old (but clean) pizza box to stick some “dough” in or hide cash inside a jar filled with wrapped candies. The lucky couple will love you and you might get a cool picture of the zip line adventure they were able to go on thanks to you.

Cleaning Supplies

Nothing says “the honeymoon is over” louder than a plugged toilet and no plunger. Fill up a bucket with essentials for the bride and groom to use in their new home. Microfiber cloths, an all-purpose spray, a broom, and some air fresheners will help keep the love in the air.

Fill a cute tray with coordinating coffee mugs, creamers, and k-cups for an easy morning pick me up as your friends adjust back to a hectic life after their wedding. If you feel like splurging, find a new coffee maker. For the couple that would rather go out for coffee, wrap a few gift cards to their favorite shop in handmade cozies from Etsy.

Lazy Susan
Think unconventional yet functional for a dining room gift. Purchase or make a lazy susan for the kitchen table. Paint it a fun color and use vinyl to add the newlywed’s last name. This is sure to be a memorable conversational piece for all their dinner parties to come.

Personalized Keychains
For the sentimental gift giver, help the groom out with a constant anniversary reminder. Order his and her keychains with initials and wedding date engraved. She will thank you every year.
This year leave the registry purchases to someone else and find a wedding memorable gift ideas that will surprise and thrill the happy couple. Use what you already know about your friends to help chose the best wedding gift.

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