How To Make Your Wedding Catering Green

wedding catering

Weddings are amazing experiences. Whether they are small or large, they are among the most memorable events of your life. If you are a couple that feels strongly about the environment, then you might be thinking about ways to reduce the environmental impact of your wedding. It’s an admirable way to make your union reflect your values. In this post, we’ll give you some ways to make sure your wedding reception catering, party items, and venue are all as green and sustainable as possible.

First of all, the scale of the wedding makes a big difference. There is simply no better way to reduce your impact than by reducing the number of guests. No matter how efficient it is, a wedding for two hundred people will have a greater impact than one for twenty. The emissions from transportation alone make a big difference. So one of the best eco wedding ideas is to shrink the event. A more intimate wedding with close friends and family is just as meaningful and much better for the planet.

Next, think about your catering. The food and drink is among the most energy and resource-intensive parts of any event, and weddings are no exception. There are a few different ways to try to make this as low-impact as possible. Try to get local sourcing for your catering whenever possible. This will reduce the footprint of your catering and will likely make for a more delicious experience for you and your guests. Of course, you might not be lucky enough to have this option. If that is the case, you can try to ensure that your vendor is as green as possible. Call up the company that is doing your food and drinks and ask them about the sustainability of their practices and where they source their ingredients. Try your best to find the best catering services in the area for all of your catering needs. You also need to be realistic, though. You might not be able to get a source that meets your requirements. You will need to make a compromise between what is available and what you want. It’s the same dilemma that any couple faces.

Venues also make a difference. A large venue with climate control, lots of lighting, and other energy-draining amenities can absorb a lot of resources. Depending on the weather, having things outdoors helps a lot. However, that is leaving a lot up to chance that there is no rain, snow, heat, or excessive cold on the day. It also doesn’t solve the reception problem, because most receptions are indoors even when the ceremony is outdoors. One solution is to try to find a venue that will agree to reduce its energy usage or purchase carbon offsets for your wedding. This can help you reconcile your desire for a certain kind of reception with your preference for eco friendly wedding venues.
Hopefully this post has at least sparked some ideas about how best to create a dream wedding that is green at the same time. Keep in mind that compromise might be necessary but you shouldn’t need to give up on your views entirely.

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