New Trends in Bridal Attire for the Bride and Groom

The changes in bridal fashion happen so fast they could make your head spin! For both the bride and groom each piece of wedding apparel makes an important statement. The best way to make this statement is to keep abreast of the latest in wedding attire from the hottest designers. The bride will need to make decisions concerning necklines, sleeves, veils, headpieces and other accessories. The groom’s attire is just as difficult – the choices concerning dinner jackets and tails, pockets and collar styles and colourful waistcoats are sometimes hard to make. While it’s important to keep up-to-date with the latest trends, do remember to choose attire that suits you and your personality – this way you can’t go wrong! Following are some of the latest trends in wedding attire for the bride and groom.


For the bride For spring and summer 1997/1998 think pastel! The rich, darker colours of winter are being replaced by pastel blues, yellows and pinks, as well as lavender and lilac shades.

Consider adding some drama to your wedding gown by adding a pair of long gloves. Long gloves are a stunning look when teamed with a simple gown and should be matched carefully to the exact shade of your dress.

Elaborate veils are quickly gaining in popularity, especially when worn with an elegantly styled dress. Your veil should delicately frame your face and emphasise your features. It is often a good idea to have your veil attached to a comb, rather than a headpiece. If you do so, you can then remove the veil at your reception, leaving you unencumbered and free to dance the night away.

Accessories can make a simple gown a fashion statement – and shoes are no exception to this rule. The Louis heeled shoe is a great look and sensible too. Borrowed from 18th century French royalty, the shoe style is fashionable as well as practical. The heel of the shoe is moderate and has a fairly wide base, it will easily take you from your ceremony to your honeymoon suite in comfort!

Lace is becoming very popular as an accent to the bride’s wedding attire. It can be used on your shoes, purse, or made into a drawstring bag to add a touch of detail.

Make yourself look more beautiful than ever with a headpiece that suits your face shape. While oval-faced and heart-faced women can wear almost any style of headpiece, brides with round faces should choose a headpiece that adds a little height. Do you have a round face and glasses? If so, a tiara will flatter you.

Add a touch of sentiment to your wedding. You could have a piece of your mother or grandmother’s wedding attire restored, such as their gloves, headpiece or even the entire gown. Or, if you are having your dress made, follow a sentimental trend that is new in the USA. Save some of the material from your veil or gown. If you have a large piece, the material can be made into a christening gown, or a smaller piece could be made into a Christmas decoration. Either way, these items can be used as a special reminder of your wedding day in years to come.

For the groom Variety and pattern should be your keywords in wedding attire. There are a myriad patterns and colours of vests to choose from. Express your individuality by making a loud or subtle statement Рwhichever suits you best!

The choice between a cummerbund and vest is a hard one to make. Think carefully about the look you want to put forward – cummerbunds are traditional and perfect for conservative weddings, while vests usually add a little more sophisticated 90s style.

The favourite choice for grooms today is still the classic black tux and traditional white wing collar shirt.

A popular new trend for your groomsmen is to have cummerbunds and bow ties custom made from the same fabric as the bridesmaids dresses.

Choose your pants to complement your and the groomsmen’s tastes. You will have the choice between pegged, pleated and plain front styles. Remember that what your father may like will most likely be different from the younger groomsmen!


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