Simple Steps to Perfect, Pore-Less Complexion on Wedding Day

Every bride wants to look flawless on her wedding day, especially since all eyes are on her. It’s about being up close and personal, which brings us to your complexion. If your face and neck are in excellent condition, then whatever makeup you put on will allow you to look airbrushed and gorgeous.

Here are a few simple skin care and makeup steps to take to give you that pore-less, radiant, youthful appearance.




Plan Ahead to Prep Skin Before Wedding

Allow yourself about one to two weeks before your walk down the aisle to try out a skin care treatment. A glycolic acid chemical peel is beneficial for exfoliation and bringing a clear, healthy glow to the complexion. It gets rid of dead skin cells, lets your pores look tiny and balances skin tone, but a chemical peel can also cause redness, irritation and swelling. So, plan ahead

Smooth Skin Means Happy Bride + Fab Photos

Once your complexion is clear and glowing, it’s time to consider makeup for mature skin. One of these is called primer, and it would come in handy on your wedding day. A primer perfects your complexion by smoothing away fine lines and other imperfections and gives your makeup staying power. Some women wear primer without foundation, but it’s really designed as the first step to layer over.

Foundation will glide over the primer and give you that pore-less, perfect face.




Blush is Essential for Bone Structure

Whatever you decide on your walk down the aisle, please add blush to your beauty routine. Celebrity makeup artists like Sandy Linter say blush is most important, because it creates a vibrancy to the complexion and gives bone structure a three-dimensional quality, instead of a flat tone to the face.

Sandy also advises that women wearing makeup for mature skin avoid powdering the cheeks, and instead apply a cream blush that adds a youthful warmth to the skin.

Do Wear More Natural Eye Makeup + Waterproof

You will probably shed tears of joy, so a waterproof mascara is key. Sandy Linter suggests a little brown eyeliner to define and two coats of black mascara. Don’t overdose on the mascara; keep it natural. Black liner can be harsh for mature skin.

Then add a little lip gloss or lipstick, and your pretty wedding makeup is complete.

You look gorgeous, dear bride!

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