The Happy Hen and Her Peeps Sydney Party Guide

Are you a hen trying to throw a party on the weekend for your favorite peeps before tying the matrimonial knot? It is not easy trying to plan the perfect way to celebrate with your dearest friends and it can be a bit of a brain drain and expensive too.

With so many venues and so many things to do in Sydney, it is hard to narrow things down to a few good places to throw a party for all the chicks. How will you ever decide what to do to make sure everyone has a memorable time? The key is to focus on your group and in knowing what you all would enjoy doing together.

Remember that you are creating your Hen Party memories that you will cherish a lifetime, so put a little extra thought into the Hen Party and how you are going to lavish your pals with the attention they deserve. Trying to please everyone can be a challenge if not impossible, so go with what feels right for the group. While the buck is away, the hen and her peeps will play and here are just a few things how to throw a bucks weekend in Sydney for the bridal party that you all may enjoy.

From renting a limo for an unforgettable evening on the town to a bus with planned stops or even a private yacht for the weekend, how you choose to throw the best hen party on the weekend is totally up to your imagination. Whatever your theme or budget, there is no shortage of good places to throw a party in this town.

With so many fun things to do you are sure to find something to suit everyone’s fancy. Depending upon the energy level and likes of the hens in your party, you could treat the ladies to a spa day to pamper them and help them unwind in preparation for your big day. Spa packages could include manicures, pedicures, facials and massage. If the hens are willing you could offer them total makeovers! The spa treatment could be just the prelude for what to do in here this weekend with your pampered peeps.

Looking good and feeling beautiful is a dangerous combination. Once everyone has indulged themselves at the spa, they are sure to enjoy being picked up by a limo for appetizers and drinks and taken to your favorite boutique for a new outfit, accessories and shoes they can wear to your last dinner party as a single woman. Spa day, shopping and a luxury limo service for the evening are great ways for friends to relax and work up an appetite for an evening of adventure and fun.

After dinner, treat the hens to a very special dessert, at an exotic entertainment club. This is a great way to end the perfect Hen Party and incorporate your bucks into the party if you want to include them or end the evening with a strip tease sure to please all. There are always good places to throw a party for the ladies and bucks alike when it comes to adult entertainment in Sydney. The strip club is a great place for those peeps to share their naughty gifts with the bride to be before parading her around an adult entertainment venue for the last dance.

A perfect way to end the perfect day with your friends and end up with the bucks for drinks and dancing. Everyone likes to party on the weekend, hens and bucks alike, especially in Sydney. It is true what they say, “Go big or go home”. Nothing could be more true than this when planning you last big Hooray! with your gal pals no matter where you are.

Being together and creating lasting memories and showering your friends with the attention they deserve can be a daunting task, but one that will be well worth the effort and expense as you reminisce that special season of your nuptials and everyone who helped to make it such a magical time. We hope you can take these suggestions from Cover Girl Strippers, who is able to help you with organising a hens night and plan a fantastic event for your best friend. The hen party is just one way of showering those who care about you and share your joy with an extra special act of gratitude and appreciation that they too will never forget.

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